Retirement Resorts vs. Retirement Villages

Retirement communities offer retirees a chance to relax and enjoy their golden years. Among the different types of retirement communities, retirement resorts and retirement villages are the most popular.

What are retirement resorts?

Retirement resorts are ideal for retirees seeking an active and luxurious lifestyle, with amenities like pools, gyms and golf courses. Alongside social activities and services like housekeeping and meals, living in a retirement resort ensures a comfortable and stress-free retirement.

What are retirement villages?

Retirement villages cater to retirees seeking a community setting with social activities, events and clubs to promote community living. These villages also offer services such as transportation, maintenance and security. Living in a retirement village fosters a sense of community and companionship among retirees.

Retirement resorts vs retirement villages: which one is for you?

When it comes to choosing the right retirement community (between retirement resorts and retirement villages), there are a few key factors you should consider:

  • Lifestyle — Retirement resorts offer a more active and social lifestyle, while retirement villages cater more to those wanting a quiet and peaceful environment.
  • Location — Consider the location of the retirement resort or retirement village and whether it is convenient for you in terms of access to medical facilities, shopping and transportation, among others.
  • Healthcare — Some retirement resorts and retirement villages offer healthcare services on-site, while others may require residents to seek healthcare services off-site. Consider your healthcare needs and whether the retirement community provides the appropriate level of care for you.
  • Cost — Retirement resorts tend to be more expensive than retirement villages, as they offer more luxurious amenities and services. Retirement villages may offer a more affordable option for those on a fixed income.
  • Community — Both retirement resorts and retirement villages offer residents a sense of community and socialisation. Consider the type of community you are looking for and what atmosphere you feel comfortable with.

Benefits of living in an over 50s lifestyle resort on the Gold Coast

Golden Crest Manors is an over 50s lifestyle resort on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The resort offers a range of modern and spacious over 50s homes for sale, designed for retirees who want to live an active and social lifestyle. Among the amenities provided are a gym, a tennis court, a clubhouse and swimming pools.

Living in Golden Crest Manors allows retirees to have the best of both worlds — a peaceful retreat when they want it and an active social life when they feel like it. The resort is an excellent option for those looking for an over 50s living type of resort in the Gold Coast, offering a range of modern and spacious lifestyle communities homes for sale.

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